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Pirate Mike 1967-2015

My article, "The Ten Ninety Nihilists," is on Real News Network and on Libcom

This work was cited/quoted in What's Yours is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy by Tom Slee

I also had two reviews in the 2005 music anthology Lost in the Grooves
Here's my interview with the late Grant McLennan of the Go-Betweens.

All ye who proceed further down abandon all hope unless you quite like the idiosyncratic homepage style from the early pleistocene, when people had ~ tildes in their URLs and used a lot of <HR> to break things up

you thought I was kidding about a LOT of <HR>

it is my favorite tag

The Hunger 19xx-2013

Welcome to The Poppy Field.

Now in an easier-to-read color scheme. Any resemblance between this page and a slice of delicious coffee cake is purely coincidental.

Me at Moe's Books in 2005
                                                                         Old News:
I have two mini-essays in a new anthology of music writing called Lost in the Grooves. One is on _Flan_ by Dogbowl! Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney is a dangerously multi-talented musician, novelist, painter, cartoonist,childrens' book author, and has many galleries and other information here and here.

My other piece is on Monty Python Sings. New appearances by the five surviving Pythons are always interesting. I am especially proud and heartened by recent editorials in UK newspaper The Guardian by Terry Jones. Like here for instance. Go Jonesy! You are a hero.

I will probably be writing a new novel during National Novel Writing Month. My 2003 novel and a big gallery of character illustrations are available here
With some trepidation, I am ready to release the RIG/Sculpture to the world. Write your own collage story and add it to the gallery! I have been keeping the RIG/Sculpture under wraps for a couple of years because it wasn't ready for prime time, but hopefully now ......... it is.
After being broken for a while, my 1997 program called "Walk Slow Talk Fast Drink Coffee" is again working...10/15/2003
And the same goes for Oh My Gosh! (from 1998) 10/15/2003
New scan of minor Mountain View mystery3/7/2003
Garish 3/1/2003
Scanned pamphlet from KITS top 500 countdown of 1988 2/25/2003
Can I just ask a simple question? 12/29/2002
Moon River (has been lying latent but newly linked) 4/11/2002
Drew and scanned a new dream 1/7/2002
New scan of a 1998 drawing of Andy M & Kev B, 1/30/2002

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