Here is a list in progress of the saddest, prettiest and most affecting GBV
songs, in my humble opinion. GBV are so flipping prolific, you
could probably fill a C-90 with just the sad and pretty songs.
And what a C-90 it would be! I am going to miss (Pollard-Sprout) though.

Tractor Rape Chain, followed by
The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
Liar's Tale
How Loft I Am  ("... maybe baby , maybe baby...")
A Good Flying Bird ("..we are not the way we used to be.. yah!..yah!..")
The Weed King
Drag Days ("..fake capes baby they're too hard to wear...")
Acorns & Orioles ("... over the SUMMER, somehow AWAITING....")
Don't Stop Now, both the produced and basement versions
People are Leaving (on Pollard's _Waved Out_)
Motor Away
Blimps Go 90 , on with the show...
The Closer You Are the quicker it Hits Ya

a lot more...

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UPDATE - Feb 2002- fortunately Pollard and Sprout are writing together
as Airport 5. Yeah! And here is a newer version of the above list. The
"SUITCASE" is awesome. But so far , I have mostly listened to one of the
four CDs, and practically every song seemed to be a great song.
The other CDs haven't really grabbed me yet. Only when discussing Robert
Pollard would such a thing be possible, 25 songs I have done justice to, and
another 75 I haven't.


2. Little jimmy the Giant
3. Taco, Buffalo, Birddog and Jesus
4. Let's go VIKE!!!!
5. Tight Globes..blonde machine in yellow spacecar...
Speak Kindly of your Volunteer Fire Department is awfully wonderful
6. "Debra A, I love you so...... bla bla... KEYS BACK......"
7. "We're gonne drive a something booth through Canada, I'm not
supposed to tell you....
8. "Melted Pat... she's copping a buzz... etc"
9. "Strikes me as an animal..... soon gone missing..... "
(From Mag Earwhig)
10. a wonderful, atmospheric number from BOX
...let me take you on a picnic of the way it used to be
and then da da da da da, then you better contact meeeee...
all be deshunted by the eye of the storm.... it will come up
behind and grab you by the horns...
11. (immediately followed by) Dying to try this, now I decline...
too busy sketching a sublime... 12. in the big the big city.... no depth perception CYCLOPS
13. (very early) the yellow moon looks down now ...bla bla bla for the night ahead... I"M GONNA PUT YOUR HEAD ON.. DON'T YOU SCREW IT UP!!!
(something something, Soulaquarium!)
14. Teenage FBI, without a doubt an amazing song.
15. long live Rockathon, .... yes, these are the ones already listed
above..... the weed king is sinister and so good
16. People are LEAVING..... a gift for every naked fat baby......
17. then a bunch of perfect pop songs like MAYBE BABY.. MAYBE BABY..
18. And perfect pop soul songs..... Let me tell you a story, conclusive..
19. There's some food upon the table BOYYYS.....
20. Sprout: dig the fast track fu**er... dig the fast track fu**er...

The gist of my amazement with Pollard is the fact that it only took me
about ten minutes to come up with twenty awesome songs.. making no
allowances, not giving him the benefit of the doubt at all.. and I
can probably think of another twenty, for instance

21. On the tractor rape chain
22. the goldheart mountaintop queen directory
23. shoot up in the fast lane, she falls like a concrete robot
(Very short but very good)
24. six pack ring around his neck, cock of the block don't stop now
25. blimps go 90, on with the show, din't you see now hey din't you know
26. the closer you ARE THE QUICKER IT HITS YA
Why am I typing in all caps? Parts of Alien Lanes are such an adrenaline
rush, if I listen to them on the freeway I am compelled to accelerate beyond
what is probably a good idea.
27. WHEN YOU MOTOR AWAY DOWN THE ICY STREETS may be the best song ever written
28. crutch came slinking round my house last night...
29. I challenge you....... to drink the milk you spilled......
30. No more moon missions, it's time for Dorothy's a planet..
okay so that one is not a pop gem but it did make me wanna do things
32. now we come to drag days, now we come to drag days...
33. gold star for RO BOT BOY....
34. HEY HEY SPACE MAN..... off we go to Jimmy's house...
35. over the summer.... somehow awaiting.. I can't tell you anything you
don't already know............
36. I am quail and quasar, I pick you up on radar.........
37. and the PAPER GIRL gonna blow away.. don't cry too much you'll get
all wet and that don't make much sense to me... (beautiful)
38. I know the tune but I can't think of the words... is it from Vampire on Titus?
A piano and Pollard going.. now returning, still burning, unblad
actually it's probably from Mag Earwhig
39. I'm not behind the fighter jet, I'd much rather back a simple girl...
40. I want to starta new life, with my valuable hunting knife...
41. send in striped white jets.....
43. this is you this is war, it makes me drink even more.......

This entire page blasted out in the course of an hour

44. We like that! 45. Far out cops............ far ouuut cops....... far out cops....
46. We are headed north.. we are headed north, can't believe the things
we asked for, can't believe the things we won...
47. THE BUS WILL GET YOU THERE YET! To carry us to the lake, the club
is open!
48. wow.. how could I forget the adrenaline of EXIT FLAGGGERRRRRRRR
Not even Lennon/McCartney wrote like this.
49. Du du du du. kicker of elves , du du du du kicker of elves