Towards a Jimmy Webb Songography

There's a new discography up on this page by Todd Compton. It has everything I pieced together and a lot more. I may work on this page some more but it is pretty much superceded now. Thanks to the people who emailed me.

o Peter Steward
(his review of a Jimmy Webb concert and related words are here )
o Greg Stone
o Paul Feneron
o Tom his page

5.30 PlaneThe SupremesThe Supremes
A Tramp ShiningRichard HarrisA Tramp Shining, The Richard Harris Love Album, His Greatest Performances
AdorationGlen CampbellReunion
All I KnowArt GarfunkelAngel Clare
All My Love's LaughterArt GarfunkelWatermark
All My Love's LaughterJimmy WebbAnd So On, Archive (collection)
All Night ShowJimmy WebbAnd So On
Angel HeartJimmy WebbAngel Heart
Another LullabyArt GarfunkelAngel Clare
BethRichard HarrisMy Boy
Beyond MyselfThe SupremesThe Supremes
By the Time I Get to PhoenixGlen Campbell and untold millions
Careless WeedJimmy WebbWords & Music(1970)
Carpet ManFifth DimensionThe Fantastic Fifth Dimension
Cheap LovinThe SupremesThe Supremes
Christiaan NoJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Crying in My SleepArt GarfunkelWatermark
Crying in My SleepJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Dancing GirlRichard HarrisA Tramp Shining
Didn't WeRichard Harris His Greatest Performances
Didn't WeRichard HarrisA Tramp Shining, The Richard Harris Love Album
Dorothy Chandler Blues (Music for an Unmade Movie in Three Parts, Part II)Ji mmy WebbWords & Music(1970)
Earthbound (Epilogue)Fifth DimensionEarthbound
Earthbound(Prologue)Fifth DimensionEarthbound
Easy for You to SayLinda RonstadtGet Closer
Feet in the SunshineJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Feet in the Sunshine5th DimensionEarthbound
GalvestonJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
GaylaRichard HarrisThe Yard Went on Forever
God's GiftJimmy WebbAngel Heart
HighpocketsJimmy WebbAnd So On
His WorldJimmy WebbAngel Heart
Hymns from the Grand TerraceRichard HarrisThe Yard Went on Forever, the Richard Harris Love Album
I Can Do it On My OwnJimmy Webb*
I Keep It HidGlen CampbellReunion
I Keep It HidThe SupremesThe Supremes
I Keep It HidDr. MusicDr. Music
If Ships were Made to SailJimmy WebbAnd So On, Archive (collection)
If These Walls Could SpeakShawn ColvinCover Girl
If You Must Leave my LifeRichard HarrisA Tramp Shining, The Richard Harris Love Album
I Keep it HidJimmy Webb*
I'll Be BackJimmy Webb*
I'm in NeedJimmy Webb*
In CarsArt GarfunkelScissors Cut
In CarsJimmy WebbAngel Heart
I Need YouJimmy Webb*
In the Final HoursRichard HarrisA Tramp Shining
InterimRichard HarrisThe Yard Went on Forever
It's the World Gone CrazyGlen CampbellIn Cars
It's a SinGlen CampbellReunion
Jerusalem (Music for an Unmade Movie in Three Parts, Part III)Ji mmy WebbWords & Music(1970)
Just This OnceGlen CampbellReunion
Just This OnceJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Lady Fits her Blue JeansJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Land's End/Asleep at the WheelJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
LaspitchJimmy WebbAnd So On
Lean on me AlwaysFifth DimensionEarthbound
Life is HardJimmy Webb*
Lovers Such as IRichard Harris A Tramp Shining, The Richard Harris Love Album, His Greatest Performances
LovesongJimmy WebbWords & Music, Archive (collection)
Lucky MeRichard HarrisThe Yard Went on Forever
MacArthur ParkRichard Harris, Donna Summer,innumberable others
MarionetteArt GarfunkelWatermark
MarionetteJimmy WebbAnd So On
Met Her on a PlaneJimmy WebbAnd So On (1971),Archive (collection)
Mr Shuck n JiveArt GarfunkelWatermark
Name of my SorrowRichard HarrisA Tramp Shining
Nasty LoveJimmy WebbAngel Heart
Never Gonna Be the SameFifth DimensionUp Up & Away
Ocean in his EyesGlen CampbellReunion
Old Man at the FairMark LindsayNew Sounds of the 60s collection (and?)
Old Wing MouthJimmy WebbAngel Heart
Once Before I DieJimmy WebbWords & Music
Once in the MorningJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Once in the MorningThe SupremesThe Supremes
One-five-0Jimmy WebbWords & Music(1970)
One LadyJimmy WebbAnd So On, Archive (collection)
One of the FewJimmy WebbAngel Heart
One of the Nicer ThingsRichard HarrisThe Richard Harris Love Album, His Greatest Performances
Orange AirZumpano??
Our MovieJimmy WebbAngel Heart
Our Time is Running OutJimmy WebbNew Sounds of the 60s collection, * , and?
Paper ChaseArt GarfunkelWatermark
Paper ChaseRichard HarrisA Tramp Shining
Pattern PeopleFifth DimensionUp Up & Away
PF SloanJimmy WebbWords & Music, Archive (collection)
PianoJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Pocketful of KeysJimmy WebbAnd So On(1971)
Requiem: 820 LathamRichard HarrisMy Boy, His Greatest Performances
Rosecrans BlvdFifth DimensionUp Up & Away
Rosecrans BlvdZumpanoLook What the Rookie Did (199x)
Run, Run, RunJimmy Webb*
Saturday SuitArt GarfunkelWatermark
Scissors CutArt GarfunkelScissors Cut
Scissors CutJimmy WebbAngel Heart
See You ThenJimmy WebbAnd So On
Shine It On MeArt GarfunkelWatermark
Sidewalk SongRichard HarrisMy Boy
Sleepin' In the DaytimeJimmy WebbWords & Music (1970)
Someone Else (1958)Art GarfunkelWatermark
Songseller (Music for an Unmade Movie in Three Parts, Part I)Jimmy WebbWords & Music(1970)
Speaking with my HeartFifth DimensionEarthbound
That's All I've Got to SayArt GarfunkelScissors Cut
That's the Way it WasRichard HarrisThe Yard Went on Forever
The Eleventh Song (What a Groovy Day!)Fifth DimensionStoned Soul Picnic
The HighwaymanJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
The HiveRichard HarrisThe Yard Went on Forever
The Magic GardenFifth DimensionThe Fantastic Fifth Dimension
The Moon's A Harsh MistressJudy CollinsJudith
The Moon's A Harsh MistressLinda RonstadtGet Closer
The Moon's a Harsh MistressGlen CampbellReunion
The Moon's a Harsh MistressJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
ThenJimmy Webb*
The Worst that Could HappenFifth DimensionThe Fantastic Fifth Dimension
The Yard Went on ForeverRichard Harris The Yard Went on Forever, His Greatest Performances
This is Where I Came InRichard HarrisMy Boy
This is Your LifeFifth DimensionPortrait
True GritBriarcliff OrchestraNew Sounds of the 60s collection (and?)
Up Up & AwayFifth DimensionUp Up & Away, The Fantastic Fifth Dimension, Greatest Hits on Earth
WatermarkArt GarfunkelWatermark
WatermarkRichard HarrisThe Yard Went on Forever
When Can Brown BeginJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
When Can Brown BeginThe SupremesThe Supremes
When Did I Lose Your LoveFifth DimensionEarthbound
Where the Universes AreJimmy WebbArchive (collection)
Where's the Playground SusieJerry ValeNew Sounds of the 60s collection (and?)
Which Way to NowhereFifth DimensionUp Up & Away
Wichita LinemanO. C. SmithNew Soungs of the 60s collection (and?)
Wishing NowGlen CampbellReunion
Wooden PlanesArt GarfunkelWatermark
Work for a DollarJimmy WebbAngel Heart
You Might as Well SmileGlen CampbellReunion
You're so YoungJimmy Webb*
And So On
Land's End
El Mirage
Suspending Disbelief
Ten Easy Pieces
Angel Heart

America - The Last Unicorn
Amy Grant , Art Garfunkel : the Animals' Christmas
were there any Webb compositions on Johnny Rivers' _Rewind_ ?

words & music 1970
And So On 1971
Letters 1972
Lands End 1974
El Mirage 1977
Angel Heart 1982
Suspending Disbelief 1993
Ten Easy Pieces ____
The Yard Went On Forever 1969
Voices 1979
My Boy ____
The Animals' Christmas ____