The Scroller

This program is an attempt to find a more comfortable way to read the articles and
texts sometimes found on the web. When you run it and specify a text file, the text
will scroll horizontally like a stock ticker. Compared to sitting in a hard chair looking at a tiny typeface, pressing the down arrow or constantly clicking the mouse, this is (maybe) easier on the eye, hand, and backside.

The Scroller is an Excel workbook. For some reason, I like making Excel do things
it wasn't designed to do, and bringing a little chaos to that very ordered and rectilinear spreadsheet world.

The Scroller should run on both Macs and PCs.

Download On a Mac, click the tab called 'The Scroller' and press Option-Command-w to begin. On a PC, click the tab called 'The Scroller', choose Macro from the menu, and choose 'openit'
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