TAR party, brought to you by tiger, ashi, and rachel

someday at a con near you, California

  • Playdough, Coloring books, Twister, board games, and other silly things
  • So far, we have these board games: Uno, Uno dominos, Monopoly, Sorry, Mensch "argere Dich nicht (a German Sorry-like game), Qubic (3-D Tic-Tac-Toe), Yahtzee, Tetris board game, Win Lose or Draw, Tiddly Winks, Password, an old set of dominos, and Dream Phone (try to guess which boy likes you!).
  • A black, gooey, tar-like dessert
  • Guest Speakers
  • A genuine block of tar
  • More!

    Send your ideas to ashi@carhart.com.