Suzanne cuddling with me back when we were dating.

I met Suzanne at Colleen's house in June 1993. I was holding Emerald, who was still a baby. Sylvan wanted her to go talk to me and find out if I was gay. We started talking, and I asked her to come back next wednesday.

She came back, but I had a headache, and she thought I was an asshole. Still, we wound up seeing a movie together with a bunch of other people (Jurassic Park). She dug her nails into my arm during the scary parts. We started hanging out. We went to the beach with two other friends. She was about to kiss me, when someone started shining a light in our faces. Finally, I stuck out my tongue, and got beat up by a bunch of drunks.

After about a month, we started dating.

We never wound up being boyfriend and girlfriend. Neither of us asked the other, and we both denied it when people asked us. Finally, a girl she worked with at Yummy Yogurt asked her, was she going to go see her boyf- her boy..f-... oh, whatever! So we were officially whatevers, for over a year.

We lost contact for a few years, but I just started talking to her again by email. Rachel and I recently visited her and her boyfriend? fiancee? whatever? in Sacramento.