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Collected poetry from my journal and other stuff I like


Note: some of the poems here will be acrostics. Anyone know what happened to John Nisbet, in Ireland? He went to University College Dublin. He had a great page on Acrostics. Here's my favourite example, an acrostic by Lewis Carroll.

* * *

For Jessie at BayCon '90

Just sitting at a table at a dance with some friends
	Entertaining myself watching others have fun
She caught my eye
	She was young and pretty
In an older crowd by comparison
	Even young compared to me

	My friends got up and danced
could I have a chance, I
	Kept thinking, would SHE dance with ME?
Excuse me, said my friend, said my friend, but she's only ten!
	Nine, I corrected, too young to be ten.
Not till after we danced did i find out her age
	And she danced quite well for a girl only seven.

Todd Allis

I Cannot Sleep


Gaze into the merciless Sun
Look away and it's still there
Still I feel your playful glances
Still I feel you tender care

Burned image of your presence
A sweet lingering pain
More than just a memory
It pulls me back again

My energy is drained away,
But now I cannot sleep
My friend, my kin, you're far away,
And you're right here with me.

Todd Allis
Tue 21 Nov 1995 02:35
For Niki


Fly down to earth
And take human form
I smile as you appear
Then shy, you look down.  I think I can almost
Hear you whisper my name

	--todd allis

Friday morning

Early morning,
I sigh, awakened,
And think of you.

Then curling back up,
I smile softly,
Half awake.

Early morning,
I yawn softly,
Knowing that
Your affection for me
Is all I need.

Then closing my eyes,
I gently drift back
To sleep.

Early morning,
I think of you..
And dream..


Written in 1650-1652

My love is of a birth as rare
As 'tis for object strange and high;
It was begotten by despair
Upon impossibility.
	       --Andrew Marvell
Ace quoted this one for me as fitting for the creation of Faith and the others.

It's called The Definition of Love. See the whole poem, or if you really like it, buy an Andrew Marvell book with this and other poems.

wilderness thunderstorm

Caught in a thunderstorm
Thunder crashes all around
Run back to the tent

Sheltered from the storm now
Thunder roars outside
It's too loud to sleep

Curl up close beside me
In your arms i'm safe
Thunder now a lullaby

I'll hold on...

Friday morning by your side
I open my eyes and close them
Tonight I'll go home
For now I'll hold on

I have my life to get back to,
And you have yours;
Your Others have theirs
For now I'll hold on

There will be other times
To share time together
We still have today
For now I'll hold on

todd, for faith.

10 March 96


1996.07.20 08:19

a whisper
a thing of beauty
born of tragedy
quiet, shy, a piece of a whole
but like a piece of a diamond
still a diamond

a storm
we held each other through it
and survived

a healing
fourteen became one
a wrong made right
but where has my love gone?
my love as i knew her is
annexed, fused, integrated, absorbed
a shy glance, a whisper
i love in you


Faith wrote this one to send me a note without Ace knowing.

Note attached said "Email to Todd.  He'll know."

A whisper of voice-
No touch, only sound.
I can hear the words, so dear,
But I have to fight to look through
Clear eyes, all my own.
A whisper of song-
A hint of what was to be.
I cry inside at the familiar sound
And can't say a single thing.
A whisper of thunder-
A reminder of what once was.
I find comfort in the memory
While I am hidden away in darkness
Looking for a door out.
A whisper of your presence...
And my heart is far away.


I thought of Tiger's mom, and this came out...


she doesn't know you
not even your name


she doesn't know
why you hurt
why you cry
why you hurt yourself
or what you feel inside


is she too busy
trying to forget herself?
her pain?
she's supposed to be your mother


when at last you're safe from her
will she miss you?
will she know who to miss?


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