My Mom

My mom, with her typical smile.

This is my mom, Marilyn. She lives in Fullerton, southern California. I love her. Her parents were Herbert and Ida Greenwald. Herbie died when I was very young. I remember watching H.R. Puff 'n Stuff with him. He had a deep laugh, and a very loud snore. He lived to be 94. Grandma Ede died when I was in third grade or so. She was almost 90. I remember her house in Santa Ana and her garden. She was sweet. She started to get paranoid as she got to her 80's, and didn't want me to go trick-or-treating. Mom told her I wouldn't go, but I guess Mom changed her mind, because she did let me go.

Mom lives with my Dad, who has Alzheimer's disease. As the disease progressed, she had more and more trouble living with him. He would ask the same question again and again. He hid his wallet and hearing aids, then forgot where he put them (or forgot having hid them at all). She finally put him in a home, where they can watch him and take care of him. He wandered off over 3 miles once.

Mom plays the organ for a church, as well as weddings and funerals. She is looking for weekly piano students again.

She is sweet and very protective. She worries a lot. She isn't sure about the idea, but I want to set her up with email.

She is set up with email now, but I still need to teach her how to use it. She does have a web page I designed for her.