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The chat boards where I've met a lot of my friends are Trex and Lois.

Gay Stuff

I'm not gay, but I'm something of a gay rights activist. After years of hanging out with Andri and Rachel, I found myself going to PFLAG and gay pride parades, and enjoying myself.

PFLAG is Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. It's a support group with lots of local chapters for gays, lesbians, bisexual people, transgendered people, etc., and their parents, families, and friends.

Billy DeFrank Community Center is a great community center for gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered and supportive people.

God Stuff

I'm a Christian. What and how I believe tend to influence my life.

Here's a group of Christians who are also science fiction fans: Christian Fandom

The Bible I use most often is online.

Here is a site for the radio show, Insight for Living, by Chuck Swindoll, who used to be the pastor of a church I used to go to in Fullerton.

Highway is a modern-alternative look at Christianity.


A listing of other diary pages on Yahoo

The Diary Registry
: The bare-bones directory of online journals and diaries. - The art of online journalling

The Semi-Existence of Bryon (my inspiration for this page, no longer updated)

Multiple Personalities

I don't have multiple personalities, but my girlfriend and several friends are part of multiple systems.

This site has lots of information on multiple personalities: "Dissociation: An Informal Look From an Insider"

Stuff of Mine

My personal calendar of upcoming events.

My poetry page: collected poetry from my journal, plus other poetry links

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