Allan Carhart

In January 2005, I took a position at Microsoft supporting At that time, I transitioned my skills from Unix System Administration to managing Windows servers and learning the Microsoft technology stack. I learned a tremendous amount during my 11 years at Microsoft and was given some amazing opportunities to grow my career and impact the business.

Although this endeavor was both challenging and very enjoyable, it became clear years ago that the time had come to return to the Unix world and open-source technologies. I finally made the leap back to Unix in November 2016 when I accepted a position as an SRE at LinkedIn.

During my tenure at Microsoft, I was very proud to work for a company which embraces equality, philanthropy, and a work environment built on transparency and respect. I am pleased to say that LinkedIn's culture embraces many of the same values which drove my loyalty for Microsoft.

Now that these two companies have joined forces, I have the privilege of working for LinkedIn while retaining a connection to Microsoft. I could not be happier about my opportunity to watch this new partnership unfold.

This is why I am currently not interested in new opportunities. If this changes in the future, I will publish my new resume here.